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Pain relief is fast, permanent, and effective. Our team of experts is dedicated to making sure you get the results you need. Most conditions take only 2 to 8 treatments for complete alleviation of pain and symptoms.
Directed by Physical Therapist Grace Walker. Pain relief is fast, permanent, and effective.


Walker Physical Therapy accepts most major insurance providers and will work with you and your doctor to offer the highest level of care and assistance. Be sure to check our insurances page or contact our location to verify that your insurance is accepted.

Be Wary Of…

Many physical therapy clinics do not have your best interests in mind. Additionally, many may not perform their job to the standards expected of a professional physical therapist. Read our guide to learn what to be wary of!
Who Knew? Physical Therapy for TMJ and Jaw PainGrace Walker, physical & occupational therapist and nutritionist says: “We are physical therapy experts in providing effective TMJ & Jaw pain relief.” Here is what you should and shouldn’t do if you have jaw pain: DO use hot pack or ice pack before bed DO use chin under fist when yawning or coughing DO use […]
Home Exercises: 3 Things To Try At Home To Relieve Knee Pain Caused By ArthritisYou may be asking yourself, “What is arthritis, and what can I do to relieve my symptoms?” Dr. Grace Walker, Physical and Occupational therapist, has helped countless patients with arthritis over the last 30 years. If you’ve been diagnosed with arthritis, or are experiencing symptoms listed below, keep reading to find out some simple things […]
Identifying and Understanding: Carpal Tunnel SyndromeGrace Walker, Physical and Occupational Therapist & Nutritionist affirms! Everyone has a carpal tunnel, but not everyone has carpal tunnel syndrome. Before learning about what carpal tunnel syndrome is, it is essential to first become acquainted with what the carpal tunnel is, and everyone has a carpal tunnel, but not everyone has carpal tunnel syndrome. […]
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