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Pain relief is fast, permanent, and effective. Our team of experts is dedicated to making sure you get the results you need. Most conditions take only 2 to 8 treatments for complete alleviation of pain and symptoms.
Walker Physical Therapy has been serving Orange County for over 20 years and our team of qualified professionals has the skill, experience, and expertise to provide you with the solutions you need to get back to your active lifestyle.


Walker Physical Therapy accepts most major insurance providers and will work with you and your doctor to offer the highest level of care and assistance. Be sure to check our insurances page or contact our location to verify that your insurance is accepted.

Be Wary Of…

Many physical therapy clinics do not have your best interests in mind. Additionally, many may not perform their job to the standards expected of a professional physical therapist. Read our guide to learn what to be wary of!
Danger: Poor FlexibilityFlexibility is how easily an object bends, which is necessary for normal activities that require bending, twisting and reaching. Flexibility is increased by stretching the muscles and will help us to do everyday tasks pain free. It also helps to relieve stress, promote good posture,  reduce risks of injury, reduces risk of low back pain, […]
Bike Injury Explanations and Preventage TipsAs bicycle riding becomes an increasingly popular sport, new bicycle riders and seasoned participants alike are prone to overuse injuries. Many people think of pain as ‘weakness leaving the body,’ especially in relation to cycling, but this is not the case. Many are just not aware that there is no need to suffer through bicycling. […]
The Mysterious JointAccording to researchers from the TMJ association and National Institute of Health (NIH), TMJ is such a complex disorder that it is often excluded by researchers and scientists who investigate other joints in the body. Not many know about how to effectively treat TM disorder. In fact, researchers claim there are no effective TMD treatments […]
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