Helpful Payment Plans

Payment Plans/Financial Hardship Available

  • Don’t worry anymore. If you are worrying about high deductibles or  coinsurances and copays, you do not need to.
  • We understand. Insurance deductibles are increasing and the beginning of the year can be a stressful time to seek health care due to deductibles starting over.
  • We want to help you. Walker Physical Therapy & Pain Center offers no interest payment plans for patients who need it. Patients may also be eligible for financial hardship. 
  • Stop living in pain. We do not want you to live in pain and put off the quality treatment you deserve. At Walker Physical Therapy & Pain Center you can get affordable expertise from caring staff.
  • We will make it work for you. We can work out an affordable program that works for you so you can get better and back to life without carrying the burden of financial stress!