Pain Relief for Headaches Program

Headaches are often the result of referred pain from the upper cervical extensor muscles. Stress is often a component. When a person is under stress, he/she tends to tense his/her body into a poor posture; a head forward position adopted with chin jutting and upper cervical extension. The associated upper cervical muscles tighten, trigger points can be palpated and referred pain may be experienced behind the eyes and/or in the occipital, sub occipital frontal, or temporal areas.

Be Free From Headaches Program

  • Strengthening of the scapular muscles to support the head and neck.
  • Soft tissue and joint mobilization.
  • Pressure Point Release to occipital, sub occipital, upper trapezei, and levator scapulae muscles.
  • Modalities for pain relief including the 830ML Laser and ice.
  • A comprehensive home exercise program.

Success Story: Since I was only 6 years old I have suffered almost daily from headaches. About a year ago I began to have severe headaches that were so horrible, I often doubted I would survive the excruciating pain. My doctor recommended that I go to Walker Physical Therapy and Pain Center because you are physical therapy experts in providing pain relief from headaches. After one month of visits my pain was gone. Thank you for giving me my life back!                   -Cassandra Wiley