Walker PT & Pain Center’s 5 Tips for Healthy Joints

1. Maintain a Healthy Weight

Here at Walker Physical Therapy & Pain Center we offer a FLEX-N-MOVE program that helps our patients keep a healthy weight. The higher the number on the scale, the   more pressure you put on your joints.

2. Aerobic Exercise

Before starting any exercise program, consult a physical therapist who specializes in exercise for thorough evaluation. Research suggests that aerobic exercise can reduce joint swelling.

3. Laser for Painful Joints

The 830ML Laser treatment reduces pain, reduces inflammation, and increases tissue healing.

4. Build Muscles to Support Joints

Our FLEX-N-MOVE programs help build muscles and keep your joints strong. Here at Walker Physical Therapy, our physical therapists can show you the proper techniques and exercises that will strengthen the neck, back, knee, and shoulder joints.

5. Core Strengthening

Strong abdominal muscles help you keep all of your joints healthy and even improve balance.