Danger: Poor Flexibility

Flexibility is how easily an object bends, which is necessary for normal activities that require bending, twisting and reaching. Flexibility is increased by stretching the muscles and will help us to do everyday tasks pain free. It also helps to relieve stress, promote good posture,  reduce risks of injury, reduces risk of low back pain, and allows for easier movement. Poor flexibility comes with risks:

  • Headachehttp://www.publicdomainpictures.net/view-image.php?image=23002&picture=stretching-and-exercising&large=1
  • Stress
  • Imbalanced body
  • Imbalanced mind
  • Excessive stress on joints


Methods to Increase Flexibility:

  1. Begin with stretching major groups such as your hip flexors, hamstrings and piriformis muscles. Tightness in these muscles is a common cause of low back pain.
  2. Get personalized treatments from experts in
    the Flex N Move program here at Walker PT & Pain Center.

Success Story: “Due to the thorough stretching program at Walker Physical Therapy, I can feel the increased flexibility and lessening of pain and stiffness in my lower back.  The Walker team taught me the importance of stretching and the overall goal of good physical health.  The Walker team is always happy and helpful.”                                                                                            ~S. Tannehill

We are effective at increasing flexibility! Treatment is fast & affordable.
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