Post-Operative Back

Post-Operative Back Treatment at Walker Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy is a key aspect of recovery after surgery

Grace Walker Physical Therapist states: “By increasing the muscle function and range of motion of post-operative back patients, we can promote a healthier recovery and minimize potential problems down the road. When we treat a body part it is important that we assess and evaluate the surrounding body parts to ensure maximum function and recovery.”

post-operative back

Post-Operative Program Consists of:

  1. Core strengthening which targets deep trunk muscles to aid in stability.
  2. Resistance exercise to increase functional movement.
  3. Cardiovascular training to rebuild stamina which has been shown to reduce pain incidence.
  4. Mobility and flexibility to overcome tension with gentle stretching and soft tissue mobilization.
  5. KTape for inflammation, pain, and muscle recruitment.
  6. 830 Cold Laser