4 Solutions for Back Pain

At some point in their lives, 8 out o f 10 people experience back pain. According to Dr. Grace Walker, Physical and Occupational Therapist, the key in chronic low back pain, with or without radicular symptoms, is avoiding too much medicine. Evidence supports that Physical therapy should be tried before surgery, invasive diagnostics, epidurals, and other interventional therapies. Back pain has many different causes and Walker Physical Therapy & Pain Center has a solution for you. You don’t have to live with back pain anymore. Walker Physical Therapy & Pain Center offers several affordable and effective solutions for treating low back pain. Our innovative treatments such as the ML830 Laser and pressure point release provide pain relief and fast results.solutions for back pain

4 Solutions for Back Pain:

  1. DO use ice 20-30 minutes before bed
  2. DO pull your belly into your spine and breathe
  3. DON’T bend at the waist, squat instead
  4. DON’T twist wile holding something in your arms


Success Story: “I am so happy with the results I have accomplished at Walker Physical Therapy & Pain Center. On my first visit, I called my sister Gloria and told her that I was so happy that I finally found a place where they understand, and can help me feel better. She knows how hard it has been for me to deal with my constant lower back pain. She started laughing when I told her that as I was walking out, I felt like something was different and missing. I realized that the back pain was gone! Now I am getting used to not having my long time enemy (the lower back pain) around. Thanks a million to the entire Walker team!”                                                                    ~D. Ayala


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