Grace Walker, Compassionate Physical & Occupational Therapist, with Family at Grand Tetons National Park

Caring and compassionate Physical & Occupational Therapist Grace Walker takes a trip to Grand Tetons National Park with her Husband and Son!

Grand Tetons National Park 2003-2 Compassionate physical & Occupational Therapist

As director of the Walker Physical Therapy & Pain Center, Dr. Grace Walker offers patients in the area of Orange, California, a full range of rehabilitative services that address musculoskeletal problems like chronic low back pain. Dr. Grace Walker emphasizes physical therapy as a vital recovery pathway prior to attempting interventional therapies such as epidurals and surgery. She believes that avoiding excessive medications if possible is also important in achieving optimal outcomes. Dr. Walker completed her doctor of physical therapy degree at the Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions in Provo, Utah, graduating as class valedictorian. She subsequently earned certifications as a nutritionist, holistic health care practitioner, and master of herbology and aromatherapy at the Natural Healing Institute of Naturopathy. She has achieved a number of positive patient testimonials, including one from D. Ayala, who eliminated chronic lower back problems through regular visits to the Walker Physical Therapy & Pain Center. Walking out from the center, the patient noticed “something different and missing”–which turned out to be the absence of back pain.

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