Grace Walker, Physical & Occupational Therapist, “Co-Pilot” on the Spruce Goose!

new pilot and co-pilot of the Spruce Goose!
“New Pilot” and “Co-Pilot” of the Spruce Goose are Grace Walker, Physical Therapist & Husband, Judge Jim Gray

Visiting the Spruce Goose in its new location in Oregon, Grace Walker Physical and Occupational therapist and her husband Judge Jim Gray are ready to take a joy ride! As you can see we got our pictures taken in the cockpit! After completing her Bachelor’s Degree in Physical and Occupational Therapy from the University of British Columbia’s School of Rehabilitation Medicine, Grace Walker, D.P.T., O.T.D., spent several years practicing in Canada and California. She then graduated from a one year Orthopedic Residency in Kaiser Hayward, California, December 1982, Grace Walker established the Walker Physical Therapy and Pain Center in Orange, California. Today, Dr. Walker provides a host of services to her patients, including pain relief treatments for the neck, back, knee, shoulder and jaw, sports rehabilitation, and balance and fall prevention for general balance disorders as well as vestibular diagnoses.

In addition to her Doctoral degrees in Physical and Occupational therapy, she did her Post Doctoral studies with Gray Institute focusing on Functional Training. Dr.Walker is certified by the Natural Healing Institute of Naturopathy as a Holistic Healthcare Practitioner. Dr. Walker has also earned certification as a Clinical Nutritionist and Aromatherapist, as well as designation as a Clinical Master of Herbology. A prolific researcher and writer, she has also been issued a U.S. patent for her spinal and soft tissue mobilizer.(see pictures uploaded) When she is not attending to her patients or advancing her training and education, Dr. Grace Walker, physical and occupational therapist, enjoys several hobbies and engages in numerous volunteer initiatives, including the American Heart Association’s Go Red for Women and Stop Hunger Now. The mother of four children, she lives in the Orange County area with her family and puppy.


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