6 Proven TMJ Solutions

Walker Physical Therapy & Pain Center has a 6 part proven TMJ solutions. We deliver and bring documented relief for chronic, acute TMJ patients who report massive improvement by the end of the second session. Proven TMJ Solutions

6 Proven TMJ Solutions:

1.  We’ve been in practice since December 1982, and have successfully treated over nine hundred TMJ cases.

2.  We address the stress and emotional components with relaxation and breathing exercises.

3.  Our techniques utilize hands-on methods which develops the rapport, trust and healing of our patients.

4.  We have pure experience with patients from myofacial pain to post-operative and post-ballooning conditions.

5.  Our physical therapists have had extensive, advanced training in solely TMJ methods.

6.  Prevention is key with general conditioning exercises, and posture re-education.


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