7 Effective Do’s and Don’ts for Shoulder Pain

Be Free from Shoulder Pain Program

Shoulder pain associated with injuries makes up 1/3 of office visits to primary care physicians in the United States. An estimated 50% of people in the U.S. suffer from shoulder pain and only 1/2 of them will seek treatment. According to Dr. Grace Walker, Physical and Occupational Therapist, injury or abuse over time can cause shoulder pain and, left untreated, can lead to pain in the neck, back, elbow, and hand as well. Walker Physical Therapy & Pain Center’s team of experts can develop an effective program for your shoulder pain that will provide fast results. Whether you merely strained your shoulder two weeks ago, had shoulder surgery or have been dealing with the pain for years, we have solutions that will provide pain relief for you.

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Important DO’S and DON’TS

  1. DO lie on your pain free side. Place a pillow close to your tummy and rest your arm on it.
  2. DO elevate your shoulder by keeping the elbow supported during sitting and driving.
  3. DO use ice 20-30 minutes before bed.
  4. DON’T lift with your palms down.
  5. DON’T sit for more than 20 minute durations.
  6. DON’T push or pull anything when hands are not visible.
  7. DON’T aggressively stretch or strengthen without your doctor or physical therapist’s approval.


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