Raving Fan of Arthritis Pain Relief Program at Walker Physical Therapy & Pain Center

At present, there is no ultimate cure for arthritis pain. That may seem discouraging, but fortunately, Dr. Grace Walker Physical and Occupational Therapists states, there’s much reason for optimism! Walker Physical Therapy & Pain Center works with medical doctors and we have developed an effective program to provide fast arthritis pain relief results. Whether your arthritic pain is recent or you have been dealing with the pain for years, we have solutions that will provide pain relief for you.

Arthritis Pain Relief

Success Story: “I cannot believe the excellent results I achieved while being treated at Walker Physical Therapy. I walked into the practice in pain, and after several weeks I could walk without the assistance of a cane! Using the techniques I was taught at Walker Physical Therapy I continue to progress in comfort, and with a minimum amount of pain. They treated me as an individual and genuinely cared about my progress and well-being. I was able to cancel my scheduled total knee replacement surgery! I do not hesitate to recommend Walker Physical Therapy to family and friends.”

–Shirley M.

We provide effective solutions for arthritis pain. Treatment is fast and affordable.

Suffer in pain no longer with the effective treatment and genuine care from Walker PT & Pain Center!

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