Dr. Grace Walker, Physical & Occupational Therapist & Expert in Vestibular Rehabilitation

 Dizziness leads to falls and for people over the age of 50. Falling is NOT a normal part of aging.

Grace Walker, Expert in Vestibular Rehabilitation


Grace Walker’s Better Balance Program at Walker Physical Therapy & Pain Center is an effective and affordable program for patients who are at risk for serious fall injuries and for those who have already fallen.


Even if you feel a little less balanced than you used to or only had a minor fall, you are still at risk and will benefit from our revolutionary treatment programs, which help our patients GET BETTER FASTER! Each of our therapists is an expert in vestibular rehabilitation.




Walker Physical Therapy & Pain Center’s Vestibular Program:

  • Dix-Hallpike Test
  • Epley Maneuver for Canalith Repositioning
  • Home Canalith Repositioning
  • Exercise
  • 830 ML Laser applied to ear canal using cone and upper cervical area
  • General Balance Evaluation
  • Cervical Evaluation & Treatment

Expert in Vestibular Rehabilitation

The Walker Physical Therapy and Pain Center helps patients with a wide range of ailments, including pain from on-the-job, sports, and other injuries as well as postsurgical pain.

Our balance programs are affordable and effective!

Please call (714) 997-5518 for more information to aid in the recovery of your patients.

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