Revolutionary Pain Relief from Dr. Grace Walker, Physical & Occupational Therapist, and Team of Experts!

Dr. Grace Walker, a practicing physical and occupational therapist for over 30 years, knows exactly the right methods and solutions that can heal and restore almost any physical bodily pain. She and her team of compassionate and expert therapists developed the Walker Method which provides fast and effective results for their patients!

”When I first came to Walker PT & Pain Center, I had a lot of upper and lower back pain.  After a couple of visits with my therapist, I felt a lot better.  My lower back pain went away soon after I started the sessions and my upper back pain went away soon after that.  The assistants were always there to help me with my exercises until the pain was gone.  I had a very good experience at Walker Physical Therapy & Pain Center.” ~B. Castillo

Dr. Grace Walker

Me, Grace Walker Physical & Occupational Therapist, and my husband Jim, at the Sea of Galilee in Israel!


The Walker Method Includes:

  • CORE Strengthening of the spinal stabilizers and abdominals
  • Flex N Move Program
  • Pressure Point Release
  • Modalities for pain relief including: hot packs, ice packs, electrical stimulation, & ultrasound.
  • Comprehensive Home Exercise Program
  • Education on back care via visual media.


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