Grace Walker, Compassionate Physical & Occupational Therapist Introduces: “The Walker Method”

Dr. Grace Walker Wants YOU to be FREE from PAIN!


At Walker Physical Therapy & Pain Center we strive to provide the very best care for our patients. That’s why Dr. Grace Walker and her team of experts have developed the “Walker Method,” which provides a thorough and effective way to treat pain and get the body into its most functional and optimum state!Active-Women

The Walker Method is personalized to fit each individual patients needs. It consists of:

1. Hands-On Pressure Point Releases to focus on the root cause of the pain.

2. FLEX-N-MOVE individual exercises to address power difficulties in core muscles.

3. 830 Laser & Pressure Point Release proven to reduce inflammation, reduce pain, and increase tissue healing

4. Creative Service Care doing whatever it takes to find solutions for your pain.


Success Story


“When I came to Walker Physical Therapy& Pain Center I suffered from a sore left hip and low back pain.

Now, my back feels like new!  I am stronger, my posture is better and my flexibility has greatly improved. 

The Walker team has helped me to recover, by way of excellent treatments and exercises.  Thank you to Walker Physical Therapy & Pain Center and the entire staff for the care and concern.” -K.Roos



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