Ruptured Thumb from Texting

blogger-336371_1280This man’s experience, along with many others, provides a lesson for all of us to stop using our phones so much.

A recent study by JAMA Internal Medicine revealed a shocking story featuring a 29 year-old southern California man who ruptured the tendon in his left thumb from excessive gaming and texting.

The study documented the development of chronic pain, loss of range of motion, and eventual surgery in his left thumb due to overuse of his smartphone device.

The author of this study, Andrew M. Doan, says “this can happen to anyone with a smartphone, whether they’re constantly gaming, emailing, or texting.”

Different studies have researched the increase among smartphone use in the last 3 decades, finding that 46 percent of smartphone users say they “cannot live without” their phones.


Grace Walker, Director of Walker Physical Therapy & Pain Center, give some simple advice to those who find themselves excessively using their smartphones and other devices:

  • Take a break from your smartphone for at least an hour a day. No matter how busy you are, you can take at least one hour to rest your muscles in order prevent further damage down the line.
  • Call instead. If you receive many emails and texts for work, ask people to start calling you instead. Texting is a recent invention and people got by for many years just by phone calls. Phone calls put much less stress on your hands and neck, and often help information get across more clearly, allowing for less miscommunication.
  • Do stretches. These stretches will help alleviate stiffness, swelling and range of motion in your hands and wrists.

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