5 Myths about Physical Therapy

Grace Walker, Physical and Occupational Therapist and Nutritionist demystifies 5 myths that may be precursors to regaining your quality life, free from pain!

If you are experiencing weakness or pain and are having difficulty with every day activities, physical therapy may be an option to help you regain that quality of life and get you back to live, work and play again! Learn more about physical therapy by understanding the facts behind some common myths.


Myth #1

Physical torture?

Many believe that physical therapy is physical torture! Pain is associated with the term and according to the American Physical Therapy Association, 71% of people believe that physical therapy is painful and have been discouraged to visit a physical therapist. The truth is that physical therapists are movement experts. They help minimize pain and improve mobility by working within your pain threshold.

Myth #2

I’ll do it myself!

It is true that the patient plays an active and important role in their own healing process. However, the expert care and guidance of a caring, compassionate and knowledgeable physical therapist is monumental. Your therapist will combine his or her specialized education and clinical expertise, along with new evidence and studies to evaluate and make a diagnosis before tailoring a personalized plan of care specific to your needs.

Myth #3

Surgery! Surgery! Surgery!

Time and again, physical therapy has proven to be as effective as surgery in treating a wide range of conditions. Thus, surgery is not the only option. There have been many cases where patients who chose physical therapy over surgery had the same if not better results! Actually, 79% of patients believe physical therapy can provide an alternative to surgery.

Myth #4

I’m sure it’s not insured

The truth is that physical therapy is covered at least by most insurance policies. On top of insurance coverage, physical therapy can reduce medical costs by helping people avoid unnecessary imaging scans, surgery, or prescription drugs. PT continues to prove cost-effective by helping patients avoid falls and by addressing conditions that can become chronic problems in the future.

Myth #5

Insult to injury…

To add insult to injury, many believe the myth that physical therapy is only an option for those who have been involved in an accident or have suffered some sort of injury. In actuality, physical therapists do a lot more than just treat patients who have been injured. They are skilled at evaluating and diagnosing potential problems that may prevent future injuries or disabling conditions  including carpal tunnel, frozen shoulder, chronic headaches and low back pain amongst many others. 

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