Physical therapy can help you stay active and fit

Grace Walker, Physical & Occupational Therapist and Nutritionist, endorses physical therapy for those who want to stay healthy, lose weight and stay in shape.

With the dawn of the New Year and the countless New Years’ resolutions to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle, Physical Therapy seems to be an emerging new trend amongst senior citizens who are serious about staying healthy in 2016.

El Paso Plus news released an article titled, “It’s time to get physical!” featuring a senior El Paso couple, Curtis and Jacquelyn Spier, who regularly attend their physical therapy sessions with a lifestyle approach to stay active and fit.

“… nine or so years into retirement, he found he had 219 pounds arranged on his 6-foot-4 frame. He got out of breath just bending over to tie his shoelaces.

So last spring he went on a diet that in two months helped the pounds drop. Luckily, he could eat the same foods, just in smaller amounts.

Curtis also started exercising and became a convert to the benefits of exercise combined with weight loss. Late last fall, he was down to about 190 pounds.

He’d had physical problems – knee surgery, shoulder-joint injuries, arthritis. Some of that was just a normal part of aging.

Initially, he had limited motion in his joints, but physical therapy has helped keep those joints, particularly his shoulders, loose and happy. Spier’s physical therapy routine is aimed at maintaining flexibility in his joints, the upper extremities in particular. While he does bending-over-to-pick-up-weights therapy, modified sit-ups, and hip exercises that involve Thera-Band stretches, his regimen also includes exercises with medicine balls and the Swiss ball.

Weight training? He does a light weights/more reps program to tone up and maintain muscles, not build size and bulk. This program tags his shoulders, lower back, triceps and biceps, among other muscle groups.”

(Rick Hassler El Paso Plus, 2016)

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