Knee Pain: Recent Study Compares Physical Therapy with Surgery; New England Journal of Medicine

Dr. Grace Walker, physical and occupational therapist, has reviewed the recent study published online March 19, 2013 in the New England Journal of Medicine that randomly assigned patients with knee pain from meniscal tears and arthritis to be treated with surgery or physical therapy. Guess what they found? At both 6 and 12 months later, both groups showed the same amount of improvement in pain reduction and movement. Yes that’s right! Physical therapy was just as effective as surgery!

man knee pain

At Walker Physical Therapy and Pain Center, we design an effective program for each individual. We look at the “whole person” when treating knee pain to provide insights as to why each individual is experiencing excess strain on the knees, instead of just a quick fix! It may be that there is a loss of strength and flexibility not only in the knees, but also in the hips, ankles, and even a weak “Core”. We also look at our patients BMI and then look at the daily activities demand. We also have therapist who specialize in KT tape; a new, ground-breaking technique to add support to affected areas immediately.

From seven-figure professional athletes to weekend warriors, to people over the age of 40, knee pain can result and you may benefit from our expert therapist is knee pain relief.

We develop personalized programs for each patient to provide results in a fun and healing environment.

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Grace L. Walker, P.T.