Two Benefits of Gravity Blankets for Sleep Disorders

Dr. Grace Walker, physical and occupational therapist and nutritionist, knows that lack of sleep can affect more than just your energy. Not getting enough sleep can cause accidents due to lack of attention and low energy. These accidents can happen at work, home or worse yet- while driving.

Nearly 10% of Americans are affects by a sleep disorder, and 18% of the population lives with an anxiety disorder. Studies have shown that ADHD could be attributed to lack of sleep as well.

Gravity Blanket

So, what does a weighted blanket have to do with any of this?

Using a weighted blanket can stimulate pressure points across your body. This is called proprioceptive input, or deep touch stimulation. The result relaxes the nervous system, which increases serotonin and melatonin levels while decreasing cortisol levels. Studies have shown that this deep pressure stimulation has a calming influence, similar to swaddling an infant. Decreased stress, improved sleep and overall boosts in mental health. Sign me up!

So, where do I buy one? The Gravity Blanket recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to help people who might be interested. The Kickstarter is running until the beginning of June. To learn more about the blanket and science behind proprioceptive input, click this link.

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