What Patients Say About Walker Physical Therapy & Pain Center

“I am very grateful to Walker Physical Therapy & Pain Center for not only teaching me how to care for my problems, but also for treating me like I really mattered. It has had a very positive effect on my life, and I will carry that through the rest of my life.”

– Emil Chopich

“When Dr. Rosen suggested that I come here instead of going back to the previous physical therapy company that I had gone to, I was skeptical. The previous one had been very rough on my right shoulder after my first surgery and then I had to have a second surgery and I knew I did not want to go back to them, so I came to Walker Physical Therapy & Pain Center. Walker PT & Pain Center is a dream come true. They are the absolute cream of the crop in physical therapy. The team followed Dr. Rosen’s directions and created an excellent program for me. Walker was the perfect place for me. The staff is kind, upbeat, and always willing to do what is best for you. On a scale of one to ten, Walker PT & Pain Center gets a ten from me. Thank you Walker PT & Pain Center and all your amazing staff.

– R. Covert

“I honestly believe that this is one of the best places for people who need physical therapy and have as their goal a complete rehabilitation.”

– B. Araiza

“I highly recommend Walker Therapy & Pain Center. I have benefited from their Incontinence Therapy and it has helped me increase my ability to control my bladder and I no longer experience pain. I am especially grateful to the care and therapy I received, after my last medical visit my doctor has found a 90% improvement.”

– M. Hauben

“I learned that good exercises and learning to relax my neck daily has everything to do with my dizziness. Thank you Walker Physical Therapy & Pain Center for your help.”

– Julietta Sinambal

“Dear Walker Physical Therapy & Pain Center, I feel like a brand new person. Now I have more mobility in my right shoulder than I have in along time. Thank you again for all you have done for me, I will and do tell every one how wonderful you are.”

– R. D’Agostin

“When I started therapy I could barely turn my head and had chronic jaw pain. I am now able to turn my head and have no more jaw pain. Your therapists are wonderful – very sweet, gentle and knowledgeable!”

– Anonymous

What Doctors Say About Walker Physical Therapy & Pain Center

“Walker Physical Therapy & Pain Center and its staff have been an asset to my private practice and have provided professional and reliable treatment to my patients.”

– Navid Ghalambor, M.D.

“The staff and physical therapists at Walker Physical Therapy & Pain Center are an outstanding ally who make my job much easier. I have great confidence when referring patients that they will have a wonderful experience and will benefit tremendously!”

– Sten Erik Kramer, M.D.

“Any patient referred to you and your staff can be sent without hesitation or equivocation, I am confident they will be treated with the utmost professionalism, care and attention.”

– S. Mutz, M.D.

“The personal touch given to the patients by your therapists and the timely feedback to the physicians has made you stand out from the other therapy clinics.”

– Mahesh Shah, M.D.

“Walker Physical Therapy & Pain Center has been an excellent referral source for my patients. My patients are always pleased with their care and as a physician I feel that my patients get the best of care for their injuries.”

– Robert Crumpton, M.D.

“Not only do you provide excellent care to our patients, your regular newsletters have helped to increase my knowledge and sharpen my clinical skills. Thank you!”

– Susan Debin, M.D.

“According to my patients and my long relationship with your group, you and your staff are fantastic. Great knowledge, great service, great attitude – associated with compassion and honor!”

– Julia Vega, M.D.